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Line of Credit?

A business line of credit is a flexible revolving loan that you can apply for with us! Capitalize Loans is a premier lender dedicated to helping you acquire and maintain your business. Together, we will agree to the maximum amount of capital and you will be able to access these funds at your disposal. If you are a new business, your credit line can be used for construction on your store or office, purchasing new equipment, payroll, and marketing. That is why applying for a credit line is very beneficial and there are a variety of benefits in acquiring one for your business.

How Much Do You Qualify For?

How Do Lines of Credit Work?

A credit line hands borrowers the opportunity to access a set amount of money that they can borrow against in the future. So, there are guidelines when a total amount is asked for such as, creditworthiness, income and ability to repay the loan back. Instead of getting the full amount of their loan upfront and having to make repayments every month like mortgage or personal loan, the business owner has the ability to withdraw the amount they need over time, which is known as the draw period. 

Unlike a traditional loan, interest on a line of credit doesn’t accrue until a borrower draws on the line. So once the draw period ends, that is when the business owner begins to repay, but owner can no longer withdraw funds from the line of credit.

Apply Online

Input basic information about your business and get approved FAST

Draw funds

Use the online dashboard to request funds. You will get cash in your bank account within hours.

Make repayments

Payback your loans with each draw, in payments over 6 or 12 months

Access more funds

As you pay off your balance, your business line of credit gets automatically replenished.


Common Uses For Lines of credit

As we stated in the first paragraph, lines of credit are flexible and in the case of revolving credit it can be acquired repeatedly as the payment is paid down. In this case, a business line of credit is an appropriate way to fund emergency expenses, help consolidate debt, or even cover expenses in a project to fill a gap in short-term income. The common uses for lines of credit are as follows:


It can assist borrowers with covering sudden costs and crises while keeping steady over everyday costs.

Debt Consolidation

A line of credit can be used to pay off credit cards, debt or any other outstanding balances.

Long Term Projects

Starting project can bring unexpected expenses, mostly working with a team. We can help fund the project, and you'll pay less interest over time with the project than you would with a personal loan because you only pay what you withdraw.

Cash Flow Management

Capitalize can give your business spending power for any need. Businesses that experience fluctuation in cash flow and who need starting capital can benefit from a line of credit.

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