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The Best Business Financing Options For 2021 Compared

By Andres Fernandez – 7 Minute Read

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Table of Contents

Shopping and comparing different business financing options can be overwhelming and confusing. If you didn’t know, there are 44 different types of business loans. We go through the most common options you can choose that best fits your business situation. Whichever course you go, building solid business credit and ensuring your own credit is fit will let you access the perfect measure of capital at the best rates.

“One in four small businesses don’t get enough funding”


In this article we will go through several topics pertaining business options. From debt and equity, to determining how much business financing you need.

Your Financial Options

Financing your business falls into two classifications: debt and equity. Financing through debt is a business advance. It happens when a business gets cash from a moneylender to be utilized as working capital or capital costs. Loans are made sure about by resources, this implies a bank can remove resources in the event that you don’t reimburse the advance.


Equity financing is where a business offers a percentage of the company, known as shares, in exchange for money.

Types of Financing For Businesses

Before you begin investigating your financing choices, it’s important to understand what you need. Is it accurate to say that you are searching for long haul financing? Do you need money within days? Do you need the cash to refinance debt or purchase commercial property?

Keep in mind, numerous kinds of financing not just have a scope of turnaround times from application to payout, yet they may likewise have rules on how the cash is spent. Get acquainted with every one of these most basic business financing decisions before you begin applying.

Traditional Bank Loans

When you consider getting cash for working capital or renegotiating debt, do the conventional bank loans strike a chord first? It’s to be expected since these credits are among the most established and very much regarded in the business.


Luckily, they are consistently developing, giving entrepreneurs a wide scope of decisions. You should seriously consider inquiring with your current bank to see what they offer. Numerous banks offer saving funds open doors for the individuals who as of now have their business checking and reserve funds business. For borrowers who are happy to associate their advance installments to a current record, they may even lessen the loan cost! 


Whether you are thinking about a brick-and-mortar bank loan or one of the advance online lenders for financing your business, it is crucial you know how long you need to pay the loan back. 

SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration or SBA, has been helping match small business borrowers to lenders with a wide variety of ways to grow your business. There are three widely-used loan options. 

SBA 7(a) Loans

The excellence of the SBA 7(a) loans is that they are intended to help small businesses who have attempted to get capital somewhere else (and failed) an approach to make sure about advances at serious rates and with great terms. You’ll actually require great to fantastic credit and a showed business history to get one, however. In case you’re searching for an enormous wellspring of money for business buy or extension, nonetheless, this might be the best approach.

SBA 504 Loan

Looking to finance a big commercial property purchase? You will most than likely will need a large amount of capital, and it is obtainable through the SBA 504 Loan program. These loans are readily available for bigger purchases such as, machinery, and also property.


Due to the large price tag of these types of purchases, the SBA 504 program is capped at $20 million. So make sure you are prepared and aware of the substantial amount of money you will have to put down. 


In order to purchase commercial property through the 504 program, you will need to show proof of your ability to repay a large amount of cash, including a cash reserve of the amount equal to a down payment, maybe even more. Low rates and fixed repayment options is the reason many growing companies turn to this program when it comes to make large expansion plans. 

SBA Express and Microloans

An SBA express loan is a speedy version of the 7(a) loan program for preferred institutions to take on risk for faster turnaround time. Without waiting weeks or months to hear if you have been approved, the SBA express loan program can get back to you within days. The cap is smaller than the 504 loan, capping at $350,000 with higher interest rates, but it is definitely worth it if you qualify. 


SBA Microloans is like the same suggests, a much modest amount of capital. This program is more referred to ones that are interested to fund their startup or even launch a phase of their business. Just like every loan, you must come prepared with a business plan, sales projections, and all the details that you need to prove your success. 

Business Line of Credit

Do you have a credit card? Enjoy the flexibility of using as much or as little as you want? A business line of credit is perfect for your business.


Like a Visa, the bank will give you a set cutoff that you can’t spend more than, however you can keep on acquiring, at that point take care of it, over and over. The advantages of a revolving line of credit like this are that you can obtain exactly what you need. The disadvantages incorporate a higher pace of revenue, like rates that credit cards have.

Equipment Financing

If the cooks at your restaurant are arguing because they’re waiting on a certain knife while another cook is using it, then it is time to finance equipment’s. Equipment financing is the same as an equipment loan. 


You get cash from the bank for the motivation behind buying equipment, and the equipment turns into the guarantee expected to make sure about the advance. Like financing any unmistakable things, (for example, a vehicle or house), you continue making installments until the credit is up. Then, the equipment is yours in full! Rates vary from a low 8% to ver 30%, so many sure you shop around and find the APR that works for you. 

Invoice Factoring

If you provide products or services to your customers, you are more than likely sending bills to your customers. In the business world, we call them invoices, and these invoices can be turned into cash through a lender. This is called invoice factoring and it is a loan based on your accounts receivable. So if you are not making sakes, you won’t be able to borrow as much. 


Fortunately, a lender like us will make a safe move on whether they can get paid in full, so ideally for startup businesses with good revenue projections this is a good investment. Invoice factoring is one of the more expensive small business loan types, so make sure your contract sticks with your business plan. Some lenders expect you to make monthly payments based on your contact agreement, while other lenders may take over the process of collecting from your clients. If you want to keep full control of how your customers are billed and collected from, you’ll likely want to avoid this second option.

Commercial Property Loan

A commercial property loan is like any property financing, they include countless of costs. The costs include: the pricing of the the building or property itself to closing fees, surveys, inspections, taxes, and title insurance. The risk is fairly low for the bank, which comes with collateral. Fortunately, Capitalize Loans does not require collateral on any loan options. That is the beauty of online business lending.  

Determine How Much Financing You Need

A lender may ask you for a detailed list as of why you need the working capital and how it will be used. This list would need to be specific. Whether you are seeking funds for expansion, refinancing loan, payroll, adding employees, or even purchasing assets in anticipation of a busy season, be specific.

Document the projected cost you will use and the projected revenue you will receive due to the working capital from a lender. Figure out how much you need — and how long of a repayment term you need — will be easier after you’ve updated your financial projections to estimate how much you need and when you will be able to be it back. 

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