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Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is a financial solution your business can take advantage of. This is when a business sells its open receivables to a factoring company (Capitalize Loans)  in exchange for immediate working capital. Rather than waiting for the customer to make their payment, invoice factoring is a straightforward process, with the capital in hand you are able to catch up on bills, maintain day-to-day operating expenses, meet payroll, and scale your business with simplicity.

Sell Your Invoices For Working Cash

benefits of invoice factoring

Capitalize provides invoice factoring to many businesses in various industries for the simple need of immediate cash. This will help businesses to operate and grow properly. Some of the many benefits include: 

  • Simple Transaction
  • Immediate Cash Dispense
  • Doesn’t Add Debt
  • No Waiting on Customer Payment

These benefits are one of many Capitalize provides for companies that have a hard time qualifying for a traditional line of credit or a business advance.

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How does invoice factoring work?

The process is very simple and undemanding. When a business provides a product or service to their clients, the client is billed, but the unpaid invoice goes directly to the invoice factoring company first. You will receive an advance payment, a percentage of the value of the unpaid invoice, on the same day! 


Once it is all set and done, the invoice is then sent to the customer for the original payment. The customer would then pay off the factor, once the process has been processed, the remaining balance will then be returned to the business.


Full Flexibility with Access to More Capital

Get larger credit limits

Secure the right line of credit based on the strength of your customers. As your sales grow, so will your credit!

Free up your cash

NO recurring payments once your customer pays by the invoice due date.

Be in control

YOU decide how many and which invoices you want to submit to the accounts receivable factoring company. No long-term contracts and funds only what you need.

Transparency guaranteed

Know exactly what you’re paying for with no hidden fees. We only charge a weekly fee due when the invoice is paid in full.

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