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Business term loan

A term loan is a lump sum of capital borrowed from a lender that provides cash upfront and receives that money back through a series of smaller payments over a certain amount of time. The intervals of repayments include, daily, weekly, or monthly. Therefore, a business term loan helps business owners with large purchases thanks to the way installment loans work. This is similar to how a student loan helps a small business purchase a new location, vehicle, or even a piece of equipment that will improve your business revenue. 

Let's Fuel Your Small Business

Applying For A term Loan

You could do it the hard way, where you spend weeks completing a bank application, or you can do it the Capitalize way, where you fill out a single application to compare offers from our curated network of 50+lenders.

Qualifications for a business term loan

  1. Operating for 6 months in business
  2. Three most recent bank statements
  3. Generate $10,000 each month in gross deposits. (before expenses)

Business term loans are set up to meet pretty much any business need, no matter how unique. You can leverage your loan for everything from capital improvements to financing new equipment or hiring more staff.

Why Do I Need One?

There are a number of reasons why term loans are one of the best solutions for a business. Due to longer durations of the term, they are typically available at lower interest rates.


Term loans allow operational cash flow to be used elsewhere. Only you know your business best, and Capitalize will help you put your money to work where you see fit. This gives you the opportunity to use your cash flow to fund larger investments or future ventures. 


As a business owner, there are unpredictable situations you see your business under. Having a set payment structure offers a piece mind. 

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