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As a merchant cash advance broker, Capitalize Loans provides an opportunity for businesses to have access to instant capital to delegate unexpected expenses. A business owner can apply for an MCA (merchant cash advance) and have their funds deposited into their bank account immediately within 24 hours. 

How MCAs help businesses

Industries for Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant cash advance brokers are miracle workers to the industries of retail, restaurant and service based businesses. The reason is because these industries receive the most amount of volume through credit card sales and transactions.  Running a business that predominately accepts credit card transactions is a great opportunity for businesses to apply for a merchant cash advance. 

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Funding all types of retail store, including various of loan solutions

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Business services have the option to choose various of loan solutions

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Restaurant Funding


Funding all types of restaurants in the food industry to increase cash flow

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MCAs Can Help Businesses By:

  • Increasing cash flow temporarily 

  • Purchasing inventory in bulk at a deep discount

  • Unexpected direct and indirect expenses

  • Paying off on going debt

  • Having working capital in hand to grow the business

How Do MCAs work?

A merchant cash advance isn’t a loan per say, but rather a cash advance based on your future credit sales your business deposits.  It is a lump sum of capital that is given upfront from the MCA broker that you’ll be able to repay based off the percentage of the business’ sales. Like we said before, an MCA is the best option for businesses that have high volume of credit sales, need funding promptly, or do not have the ability to qualify for a traditional loan.

Merchant Cash Advance Terms

When a business swiftly applies and qualifies for a merchant cash advance each merchant is given a principal amount, a factor rate, a payment period, payment frequency, and a percentage deduction of the daily credit card sales, including future sales as well. 

Differences between a Holdback Amount and Interest Rate

A Holdback is a term many business owners have yet to explore within the context of a merchant cash advance. It is a percentage of the daily credit card sales that is applied to your advance, creating what is called a holdback amount. The percentage’s of the holdback are commonly fixed until the owner’s MCA is completely repaid. Typically it ranges between 10 percent and 20 percent. 

Since the repayment of the MCA is based on the percentage of the daily balance of the owner’s account, the more credit card transactions that are made, the quicker the advance is paid off. 

The interest rate is bound to a factor rate, commonly between 1.2 and 1.5. Unrelated to traditional bank loans, the rate isn’t amortized throughout the duration of the loan. Once the factor rate is converted into an annual percentage rate, it could range between 60 to 200 percent.

Capitalize Loans' MCA Qualifications

Capitalize Loans is a merchant cash advance broker that evaluate risk and credit worthiness in a different manner than traditional banks. We take into consideration that credit shouldn’t be the only qualification to receive funding. We start off by requesting your last three monthly bank statements to look at the daily credit card receipts and deposits.  This is to determine if a business can repay the advance in a timely manner. 



Qualifying for an MCA may be the most effortless part of working with a merchant cash advance broker. Applicants or businesses don’t need years in business to qualify. Capitalize Loans only requires a minimum of six months a business should have been operating. The amount of transactions from credit card sales are more important than business’ credit. This puts less stress on the business owner to have excellent credit, rather than just showing proof of solid sales numbers. 

FICO® Credit Score


Qualify in an instant with no impact on your credit score

Monthly Gross Deposits


A minimum of $10,000 in gross deposits must show in your last three business bank statements

Time in Business

6 months

Business has been fully operational for at least 6 months

How to Apply for Merchant Cash Advances

To begin the process to apply for the merchant cash advance, we ask you to complete our quick application, and submit the last three months of bank statements under the business name. It’s important to note that all information must be filled out in order for us to give you a call.


If you’re trying to receive funding as quickly as possible, we advise uploading these documents at the end of the application. 

Submit Single Application
After you submit your application, one of our underwriters will reach out to you within the same business to discuss your options.
What's Best For You
Your underwriter will work closely to determine which small business funding option will help you achieve your goals without compromising cash flow.
Receive Funding
Once your funding option is determined, you funding can be approved and deposited within 24 hours.
Terms are set in advance so you know what to expect and can plan accordingly.


Apply for Small Business Capital

After filling out our single application, you’ll get to speak to one of our dedicated advisors to take the time to get to know your business and help you understand your small business funding and repayment options.

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